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How do I carve my own cat pumpkin?

Ghouls, vampires, skeletons: take a seat. Here at KatKin, cats are obviously our favourite thing to carve on a Halloween pumpkin. But how do you carve your pumpkin safely? And how do you carve a suitably spectacular cat to sit on your doorstep? We’re here to tell all.

What you’ll need:

  • A medium to large pumpkin (unless you’re aiming for a scary kitten)

  • A small, sharp knife; ideally serrated

  • A large metal spoon

  • A large bowl

  • A marker pen

  • A tea light

A note before you start:

Pumpkin carving can get slippery and you’re working with a sharp knife, so be extremely careful as you cut! We only want to see fake blood this Halloween. Adult supervision is definitely required for this!

Step 1: Carve out your lid.

Use your knife to cut off the top of your pumpkin, going all the way around near the top of the pumpkin. Use your judgement depending on how big the pumpkin is, but we’d say no more than an inch or two down your pumpkin. Keep your pumpkin lid – you’ll need it again later!

Step 2: Scoop out the insides

Use your metal spoon to carve out as much of the flesh and seeds inside as you can. Pop it all in the bowl and stick it in the fridge. (We don’t like food waste here at KatKin, so check out step 7 for what to do with your leftover pumpkin.)

Step 3: Draw your image onto your pumpkin

Next, take your marker pen and draw your design onto your pumpkin. There are all sorts of ways you could make cats the star of your pumpkin; some for beginners and some that are a little more challenging. Here are just a few ideas from us:

For beginners: Why not try carving cat paws across your pumpkin? You could go for one big paw, two paws, or even a trail of little ones padding across your pumpkin. For each paw, start with the pad, aim for the rough shape of a kidney bean, but a little bit thicker. Next, add four long ovals above. If you’re feeling adventurous, go for claws out - it is Halloween, after all - and add a little triangle above each oval.

For a little more challenge: Try a scary (or not so scary) cat face. Start with two V shapes at the top for the ears, or two triangles if it’s easier. Then, the eyes: for this, you’ll want to draw two almond shapes, but with a circle in the middle to give your cat pupils. Remember that the pupils can’t float in mid-air on your pumpkin, so they need to be attached at the top and/or bottom of the eye shape. Give your cat a little heart-shaped nose, then next it’s time for the mouth. For this, start by drawing a big crescent - then add in triangular fangs along the top and bottom. (How many fangs you add is up to you: how much bite do you want for your pumpkin?) And finally, the finishing touch: your whiskers. These should be long, thin triangles, roughly three on each side, that extend out from either side of the nose.

For true experts: Try making a spooky night-time scene with your cat in it! Start by drawing a large circle that takes up most of the height and width of your pumpkin. This gives you the edges of your scene: the area that the light will shine through. Then you’ll need to draw in the details. We’d suggest a tall tree with spooky branches on the left, and a silhouette of a cat sitting on a hill on the right. Maybe you’ll even manage to get a moon or a few stars in there? Remember that every part of your scene needs to be attached to the rest of the pumpkin somehow, so if you’re drawing the moon, for instance, it’ll need to be at the edge of the circle – it can’t hang in mid-air.

Step 4: Carve out your drawing

Remember to be very careful here, only carving the pumpkin and not your fingers. Cut away from you and never towards you, so that if the knife slips, you don’t cut yourself.

Step 5: Pop a candle inside and replace your lid

Step back and admire your finished work before you pop it on your doorstep ready for any trick-or-treaters who come your way.

Step 6: Show us your work

Snap a shot of your feline masterpiece and show it to us on Instagram by tagging @katkin.club - and don’t forget, extra points if you get your actual cat in the shot too!

Step 7: Make pumpkin snacks!

Now that you’ve made your lantern, it’s time to make treats with your leftover pumpkin. We love these pumpkin cupcakes, and you could even ice spooky cats on top to match your pumpkin (and don’t forget to show us on Instagram if you do!).

Not sure what you want to make?

Here’s a little inspiration from our team, hand-made (just like our meals) right here at KatKin:

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