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Transitioning Molly - KatKin tried and tested!

Some of our KatKin Club cat parents have asked how we found it transitioning our own cats to fresh food so I thought I'd share my personal experience.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking. Of course I'm going to believe in KatKin – we made it with our own hands. We have a pride in the recipes that we’ve devised, and that’s obviously going to be reflected in our marketing.

But it’s one thing for us to talk about the benefits of KatKin. The fact is that if we don’t feed it successfully to our own cats, Molly, Kiki and Columbus, and get the benefits we claim for it, well... it’s not as if you’d have much reason to care about our fresh, gently steam cooked food either.

It’s just as well, then, that KatKin is emphatically ‘tried and tested’ on our own cats – and not only that, it passed Molly’s fussy standards with flying colours.

We won’t pretend there weren’t some initially iffy moments along the way though...

Yes, even Molly needed to be convinced about KatKin

We’ve had cats in the family since the mid-‘80s, and the fiercely independent Molly is just one of the latest additions. As one of our ever-demanding Chief Tasting Officers, what Molly says, goes.

Now, as well as being obligate carnivores, cats are also neophobic. This means they can be unwilling to try a food that is new or different to their normal food, which is what makes them appear fussy. Knowing the benefits Molly would experience form eating a fresh diet, it was especially important to me that I transitioned her successfully.

I'm not ashamed to admit that as a fussy eater Molly wasn’t at first sold on KatKin. Before KatKin, Molly was eating a combination of dry kibble and traditional "wet" food daily. I did need to try a little harder, and wait a little longer, when transitioning her to fresh food.

Now she loves it, having long given the emphatic thumbs (well, paws) up to the gently steam cooked, perfectly portioned meals that come straight from the fridge rather than the cupboard.

Yes, I did need to turn to KatKin Sprinkles (or our slightly less glam version of it at that time!) to ease her into KatKin fresh food. I'd sprinkle them on top of this new and unfamiliar food to entice her to give our recipes a try. That’s why you’ll find these sprinkles in the first box.

And as we recommend for all our customers transitioning their cats to KatKin, I initially only gradually mixed the new food with what she was accustomed to eating.

If you’ve ever attempted to change a cat’s diet before, you’ll probably already know just how crucial a patient, but persistent approach is to ensure success. A bit odd, but I think it's like asking a grown up to change their choice of toothpaste!

Now? Well, she can’t get enough of her KatKin!

Following the process that we outline to every new member of the KatKin Club, I transitioned Molly to KatKin in just a week or so. I started off by barely mixing in a tiny amount of KatKin with her existing food. She looked circumspect about the change at first, studiously avoiding it for the first few meals – but that didn’t last for long.

With each new meal in Molly’s regular schedule over about 10 days, I increasingly swapped her existing food and boosted the amount of KatKin she was eating.

Within that period she was on a diet of pure KatKin, and looking at her enthusiastically devouring her favourite KatKin recipes today, you’d have never imagined she was once a sceptic.

It just goes to show that there’s hope for even the most reluctant fussy eater. Now, seeing the benefits I know Molly also feels, I’m extremely happy to have persevered!

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