Understanding Fussier Cats

And how to get them on Fresh food.

A.k.a, “I invested in a healthier, better quality cat food, and my cat couldn’t care less”. The struggle is real, and we’ve felt it ourselves. In fact, cat fussiness is the reason there are so few all natural, healthier cat foods out there- contrast this to dogs who will literally eat trash. But the pet food industry has misjudged how much people love cats, and we’re up for the challenge.

First thing’s first, 80% of cats are characteristically fussy. In the world of science, they’re known as ‘neophobes’ - naturally scared of new things. They are pretty convinced if they’re offered food they haven’t seen before, someone is definitely trying to poison them. With this in mind, here’s how we convince them.

Take it slow and be persistent.

For all intents and purposes, your cat might not think of KatKin as food at all- Fresh, real meat looks and smells completely different to the highly processed jellies and kibbles they’re used to. So an even slower transition is important to show by association that KatKin is food, and safe to eat. Be persistent and keep lumping small amounts of KatKin in with their old food, even if they aren’t eating it. Your cat will slowly associate the smells of KatKin with their old food and will eventually start to try it on its own. We recommend a slower transition over 10 days- this will let your cat try the KatKin at their own pace.

Play it cool!

Cats are solitary eaters, so try not to hover over their shoulder or make any big fuss over their new food that might freak them out. If they are suspicious you are trying to poison them, intently staring to see if they eat it is only feeding that paranoia.

Sprinkles and Heat!

Keep warming the food up and using our KatKin sprinkles to tempt them- the two together can work magic (well.. science) and boost those yummy, meaty smells.

The big switch

By now your cat will have tasted KatKin and know it’s food... it just may not be their food of choice. But they aren’t nutritionists, and you know what’s best for them! It's now time to give your cat KatKin and only KatKin. We call this ‘the big switch’ and know it can be the hardest part of the transition, but stay strong!

Just like humans, your cat will develop a ‘taste’ for KatKin and come to love it like their old food (as long as they are eating it, give it a week or two!)- especially when they start feeling lighter and more energetic because of it. ‘Re-training’ their taste buds is much more difficult, however, if they're still allowed to snack on their old food. How good does a salad taste after eating a pack of Oreos?

These tips are tried and tested, but we know it’s all easier said than done. Keep your eyes on the prize and remember the benefits of this healthier food will be worth it.

  • Lots more energy for play, cuddles and exploration

  • A shinier, healthier coat

  • Better digestion, with less ‘mess’ in the litter box

  • And a longer, healthier life.

If your cat could speak, (or had a concept of ‘thank you’), they would thank you! For now, you’ll have to settle with watching them tear around the house with their new found energy.

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